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El Rio

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Herkunft: Argentina
Musikrichtung: latindietronic
We would like to be considered. This is our album, released in February 2012, produced, engineered and mixed by Nico Kalwill ("Grey Oceans" CocoRosie"s producer). Mastered by Gustavo Borner in Los Angeles, California. We"ve already toured Europe in 2012 and we"re planning a summer tour 2013.
El Rio.
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El Rio started kicking in the music world in January 2011, when Luc and Fede went on a roadtrip to Rio de Janeiro and playing in the streets met up the people who put them on stage... Then, in Rosario, Argentina, these two got together with Fede P and continued to make new songs and started playing a lot more. The sound was set: "they are the sweet essence you can even take out from an old shoe".

Same year, during the winter in Buenos Aires, Nico Kalwill (also Cocorosie"s producer) invited the band to try out a little recording session. That was it, by the end of december, Gustavo Borner mastered El Rio"s first long play "So Old As To Have Become New Again" in Los Angeles, CA.

In February 2012, the band released their album worldwide on bandcamp and got interesting invitations to go to France. The tour was on: first gigs in Paris, then Bordeaux, selling the first independent copies, on their way to Munich, London, Harlow, Hamburg, Berlin and Amsterdam.



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