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Amelia Ray

Herkunft: USA
Musikrichtung: Soul rock
California-born vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Amelia Ray currently resides in Madrid where she performs original soul rock music solo, and with her band, The Conjugal Experiment. A young music scene veteran, Amelia has been performing in the United States and in Europe for almost 20 years. She appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, was a featured artist for Radio Campus Lille in France, and even performed in Iceland. She has shared the stage with Chuck Rainey, Elliott Randall, Rob Bargad, Maia Sharp and Kenny Aronoff, to name a few. Since her arrival in Spain, she has graced such renowned stages as Sala Clamores and The Bourbon Cafe in Madrid, and the Casa de las Conchas in Salamanca.

Amelia"s music is at once rock, jazz, country, gospel, pop, and blues. "Once you realise how closely connected different styles of music are, you can start to play with the boundaries of those styles, and create something new and invigorating. But at the root, I"m always trying to make good, old finger-snapping music that makes you perk up your ears, and move your feet." With influences ranging from Nina Simone, Steely Dan, and Inti-Illimani to Led Zeppelin, Jellyfish and King Crimson, Amelia admits "it"s hard to sit still". It isn"t just about fun, though. Amelia"s groove-heavy tunes often carry important social and political themes. In 2006, her anti-Bush gospel rock tune, "Whos"yerdaddy?" spent several weeks on the American Idol Underground Top 40 charts.

Amelia"s songs have been featured in films such as the German documentary Schwarzenberg (2007), and the powerful film about forgiveness, "A Killing in Choctaw" (2004). Her version of "Long Time Ago" was recently included on the Sensory Lullabies: A Tribute to Jellyfish compilation.

2008 brings the release of Amelia"s seventh album, titled, "ON", a European tour, and a return to Iceland for a Winter artist"s residency.


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